Albina Community Bank

Albina Community Bank

Supporting nonprofits and foundations that care most about the Portland community

About Albina Community Bank

Albina Community Bank creates hope and financial opportunity by building lasting banking relationships with those who care the most about our communities. As a full-service, independent commercial bank, Albina provides competitive banking products and services within the greater Portland area and strives to improve the social and economic conditions of underserved people and distressed communities. The Bank was founded in 1995 by community leaders in Portland to meet the market need of a community development financial institution. This vision has been fulfilled through the Bank’s support of projects that promote jobs, growth of small businesses, and wealth in Portland neighborhoods.

The Bank serves the large community of nonprofits and foundations of all sizes throughout the Portland metropolitan area. This community uses products and services specifically geared to their needs, as well as value-added “extras” that build on a common mission to improve the communities where we live and work.  Albina’s employees show their commitment to these organizations through community involvement, volunteerism and board and committee positions.

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Albina is a member of the NCIF Network:

  • BankImpact Dashboards Reporting Bank
  • NMTC 3-Way Partnership Partner