Impact Story Collection Guide

Thank you for contributing to NCIF’s collection of Impact Stories from community development banks across the country. Together we can tell the story of the industry’s effect on low- and moderate-income communities. If your institution already has a complete Impact Story from an Annual Report, newsletter, or other publication, you may submit that story directly to Emily Sipfle. If not, use the following questions to guide your storytelling. Please identify one borrower, customer, program participant, small business, or organization served by your bank – someone whose story highlights what your institution does best. You’ll have to contact that client to ask for a high-resolution photo and a quote, and to get permission to share this story. Submit your complete narrative, or use the questions below to get started. 

Note: This page is for the use of representatives from NCIF Network Banks only. 

Complete the form below to submit a new story for your bank's Network Profile page. Your submission will be edited and uploaded and you will recieve a confirmation email. If you have questions, please contact Emily Sipfle.

When your story is published a confirmation email will be sent to the address provided below.
In the case of individual borrowers: describe who they are, what they do, and where they live. What kind of first impression do they give? In the case of a small business, nonprofit, or church: tell about how this institution got started, what clientele it serves and how. Can you describe a person from the leadership? Describe this client's financial need and, if applicable, why a mainstream bank could not have provided the same services.
Explain the special features of this product or service, and how it is designed to meet the needs of this community.
Questions to ask: How did this financial service touch your life? Why do you think community banks like this one are important?
What was the outcome of providing the client with this service? What long-term goals and dreams were made more accessible? Did the client have any initial trouble completing the training course, making payments, etc.? What is the impact of this product or program on the general population?
Please upload a high-resolution photo to accompany this story. Use only the following file extentions: jpg, gif, png
I authorize NCIF to use my institution's name, logo, narrative, and other information in print and online communications. This includes a dedicated Network Bank Profile page at