Travel Scholarship Process and Conditions of Reimbursement

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund)
New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC Program)

Minority CDE Training and Technical Assistance
Contract No. TFSACDF15C0004

Travel Scholarship Reimbursement Process

To receive reimbursement for eligible Travel Scholarship expenses incurred to attend the Minority CDE New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Training Workshop, submit a reimbursement form and relevant receipts to by April 20, 2017.

Download the Travel Reimbursement Form

In the reimbursement form file, please refer to the “Instructions” tab for detailed information on how to complete the form, and the “Example” tab for a sample of a completed form.

Submit the completed reimbursement form (with signature), and accompanying receipts in electronic format, to by the deadline above for processing and approval. Reimbursement checks will be processed within 45 business days of receiving the required information.*

Please note that forms received after the deadline, not accompanied by a receipt, or containing expenses that are not eligible for Travel Scholarship reimbursement will not be approved.

Contact with any questions about the reimbursement form or process.

*Processing time dependent on Bureau of Fiscal Services internal review and processing.

Travel Scholarship Process

To financially assist with training workshop attendance costs, the Minority CDE Training and Technical Assistance contract has a limited number of available travel scholarships, which may include airfare, train fare, lodging, and other approved travel costs.

Eligibility Criteria

Organizations in the initial contract list (MCDEs who applied for a NMTC award between 2012 and 2015 and completed their Intake Form by October 31, 2016) are eligible for travel scholarships. Please see “Conditions of Travel Scholarship Reimbursement” (below) to understand which costs are eligible for reimbursement.

If travel scholarship funds still remain available, Minority CDEs that have been accepted into the training program and indicated financial hardship will also be considered for travel reimbursement, followed by all other participants in the following prioritization order:

  1. Distance or Lack of Transportation Links to Training Facility: Individuals traveling from rural areas, outside of continental U.S, or longer distances compared to other trainees in the workshop.
  2. Asset Size of the Minority CDE: CDEs with smaller asset sizes relative to the group.
  3. Non-Profit Status: CDEs with non-profit status.
  4. Panel Participants: Expert MCDEs traveling to the training workshops for specific panel discussions may qualify.  

Conditions of Travel Scholarship Reimbursement:

In order to facilitate attendance, the CDFI Fund has made travel scholarships available to Minority CDE participants. The qualifications for travel scholarships are listed below:

  1. Travel Costs shall be in accordance with the Federal Travel Regulation.
  1. Travel scholarships may include airfare, train fare, lodging, and other approved travel costs for a maximum of 60 Minority CDE training participants, for all training workshops, that are traveling in excess of their normal travel to work.
  1. Lodging will be reimbursed for individuals traveling over 100 miles round-trip to a training site and staying at the designated hotel room block. Individuals will be ONLY reimbursed for the amount agreed upon with the hotel’s room block.
  1. Airfare can be reimbursed for individuals traveling over 100 miles round-trip to a training site. Individuals will be reimbursed for up to $750 for a round trip, economy, non-reimbursable fare to and from their CDE’s headquarters to the training location.*

*If an extreme circumstance, such as traveling from an organization located at a considerable distance from the training, creates a significant financial hardship that would prevent attendance, please contact by February 10th, 2017. Financial assistance to cover excess airfare may be available depending on need, and is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.  Absolutely no excess airfare amounts will be reimbursed without prior approval.

  1. Train fare, or mileage can be paid for individuals traveling over their normal travel to work.*

*For mileage, individuals must submit a mileage log along with an expense report to NCIF for reimbursement. Individuals will be reimbursed the official federal rate of $0.54/mile. Please note that the travel scholarship only covers direct transportation and lodging from the MCDEs’ originating city. All incidentals and transfers between airports, hotels, and the workshop location will not be reimbursable.

  1. The maximum number of in-person participants is one per Minority CDE for all training workshops.