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Public Tools

"Find a Mission-Oriented Bank"
Search tool for certified banks by state.

"Track Peer Group Data"
Current aggregate industry data.

"CDFI Bank Industry Numbers"
Trends in key financial and social indicators.

Reporting Bank Survey
Secure data-reporting tool for participating banks.

Premium Tools

Advanced Search

Standard Peer Builder

Auto Peer Builder

Custom Peer Builder

Extensive online database on all 6,000+ US banks.

Current summary financial highlights.

Social Performance Metrics to evaluate banks' impact.

Data downloads and printable reports.

Bookmarks for saving your common searches.

Bookmarking to standard or custom peer groups.

BankImpact Dashboards

Detailed impact profiles with self-reported data and narratives from each participating high-impact bank.


Custom Analysis

Tailored research on the banks and peer groups of your choice.


Extensive public financial data and Social Performance Metrics on all 6,000+ US banks.


Historical trend analysis since 1996.