Custom Analysis

Portfolio Monitoring, Impact Reporting, and Other Research

NCIF pioneered Social Performance Metrics (SPM) specifically for mission-oriented banks in order to promote the consideration of social impact alongside financial returns. As part of this effort, we have built an extensive collection of financial and lending data for all banks in the country, as well as our own SPM impact datapoints. With our suite of Custom Analysis services, we make it easy for investors, bank leaders, and other decision-makers to stay informed about the financial health and social impact of banks. NCIF can provide the metrics that most resonate with your mission and analysis needs, in the format most useful to you.

NCIF offers detailed, in-depth analysis of any institution in the US along the following lines:

  • Social and financial performance
  • Comparison to a standard or custom peer group
  • Historical analysis covering the years since 1996

How do investors use our Custom Analysis? One of our long-time clients is a Fortune 100 financial services organization with an interest in socially responsible investments. NCIF helped this institution identify nine extremely high-impact CDFI Banks operating in a particular geographic area of focus, leading to the placement of several mission-oriented deposits. We continue to assist this investor with regular portfolio analysis, assessing the investees in terms of their financial health and management practices, as well as in their ongoing progress toward fulfilling their mission.

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