Liberty Bank and Trust Company

A tradition based on ideals of service and integrity.

About Liberty Bank

Founded in 1972, Liberty Bank & Trust Co. has always been based on ideals of service and integrity.  As of June 2018, Liberty Bank has over $610 million in assets and operates in nine cities and seven states.

Liberty's mission is to provide cost-effective delivery of high quality, innovative, customer driven financial products and services to diverse markets with a focus on disadvantaged minority communities who have traditionally been underserved. Concurrent with the bank's mission, Liberty strives to maintain the Company's status as a catalyst for economic and community development while generating fair returns to shareholders and being an excellent corporate citizen.

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Liberty Bank is a member of the NCIF Network:

  • BankImpact Dashboards Reporting Bank
  • Equity Investee Bank
  • NMTC 3-Way Partnership