Native American Bank

Native people investing in Native communities

About Native American Bank

Native American Bank is a CDFI Bank whose purpose is to promote economic development in areas that are underserved by traditional financial institutions. The bank, the only national Indian-owned community development bank in the country, is providing funding for a number of projects from Alaska to Florida, from housing to hotel and agriculture. Businesses, small business, and individual banking services are fundamental to the development of local economies, and Native American Bank is uniquely positioned to contribute to these areas of community development. The bank is a prototype for a network of community-based offices to be established across the country in order to confront historical barries to economic opportunity in reservation communities. 

Native American Community Development Corporation (NACDC), the bank’s nonprofit CDFI affiliate, was founded to effectively address underlying factors that inhibit economic development and the productive use of financial capital. NACDC is focused on financial education, facilitation services for tribal planning, small business and technical assistance, housing development finance, home mortgages, and potential means of providing nonconventional intermediary financing. Working in tandem with the bank, NACDC provides financial counseling and borrower consulting services. 

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Native American Bank is a member of the NCIF Network:

  • Seed Fund Loan recipient
  • NMTC 3-Way Partnership Partner
  • BankImpact Dashboards Reporting Bank