The CDFI Banking Industry Annual Report: 2013 Financial and Social Performance


NCIF's tenth Annual Report on the state of the industry indicates that CDFI Banks are continuing their slow but steady recovery from the recent recession and are well positioned for growth. As of year-end 2013, 52 of the 75 certified CDFI Banks reported a positive ROAA. Banks made significant improvements to financial stability, strengthening their capital ratios and recovering the health of their balance sheets. Asset quality continues to improve, setting the stage fro core lines of business to begin generating more profits. CDFI Banks demonstrate a strong commitment to fulfilling their mission of community development where it's most needed. As of year-end 2013, CDFI Banks locate nearly twice as many of their branches in distressed areas as compared to other banks. They provide nearly 2.5 times more of their home mortgage lending to distressed communities. The industry's return to financial stability and its steadfast dedication to mission have proven the resilience of these institutions and present a hopeful view for their future. 

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