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Advanced Search

Learn how to search for and compare mission-oriented banks

Case Study AS1

How can a financial advisor placing deposits find a CDFI Bank in New Orleans that does over 40% of its home lending in distressed areas?

  • Mission Indicators
  • Housing Focus

Standard Peer Builder

Learn how to compare a bank to all CDI, MDI, or Quadrant 1 Banks

Case Study SP1

How can a money manager compare one bank’s social performance with that of all CDFI Banks?

  • CDFI Peer Group
  • DDI


Case Study SP2

How can a a Chief Lending Officer plan for her banks' activities and services by comparing the bank with its peer groups' financial and social performance?

  • CDFI Peer Group
  • MDI Peer Group
  • DDI
  • Financial Indicators


Auto Peer Builder

Learn how to create peer groups based on your selected critiera

Case Study AP1

How can an institutional investor benchmark an investee bank relative to a specially tailored peer group of similar CDFI Banks?

  • CDFI Mission Indicator
  • Total Assets
  • Net Income
  • ROA
  • DDI


Custom Peer Builder

Learn how to benchmark the performance of your bank with up to 10 other banks

Case Study CP1

How can a bank CEO regularly monitor her bank’s Tier 1 Leverage Ratio relative to the ten banks she considers peers?

  • FDIC Certificate #
  • Tier 1 Leverage Ratio
Case Study CP2

How can a consultant benchmark its banking client to local-area peers?

  • Custom Peer Group
  • DDI
  • Financial Indicators