CDBI Landscape Document: Community Development Banking Institutions


The CDBI Landscape Document provides an overview of Community Development Banking Institutions (CDBIs) and the vital role the sector plays in low-and-moderate-income communities throughout the country. CDBIs are banks with a substantial presence in these communities and are focused on serving the financially under-served populations living there. As of December 31, 2010, there were 483 CDBIs, including 85 CDFI banks, with assets of $217 billion and loans of $143 billion.

The landscape reveals that CDBIs represent a growing sector in terms of numbers, asset size and social impact that has maintained strength in times of economic growth and contraction. The CDBI sector is much larger than the currently U.S. Treasury approved list of certified CDFI banks. At the median, the risk and return of this sector is comparable to non-mission oriented financial institutions. The social impact of the CDBI sector is significantly higher than peer groups, and stakeholders should continue to take significant action to support these high-impact institutions.

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