NCIF supports mission-oriented banks by opening strategic certificates of deposit. These stable, core deposits help banks manage liquidity and increase capital available for lending.

NCIF Deposits Initiative
NCIF has been successful in helping socially responsible investors place large-scale deposits in mission-oriented banks. TIAA-CREF, the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, and others have placed over $70 million in new deposits into the CDFI Banking industry using NCIF's Social Performance Metrics to inform their selections. With these deposits, banks can increase their high-impact activities in low-income communities. 

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NCIF Impact
NCIF’s deposits improve the stability of mission-oriented financial institutions like the ones listed below.

NCIF Deposits Portfolio
Below is a cumulative list of banks in NCIF’s deposit portfolio.

American Metro Bank

Chicago, IL – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 59.13% DDI: 100.00%

Legacy Bank

Acquired by Seaway Bank and Trust
Milwaukee, WI – CDFI, MDI



Oklahoma City, OK – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 29.12% DDI: 100.00%


Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union

New York, NY – CDFI

Broadway Federal Bank FSB

Los Angeles, CA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 87.38% DDI: 66.67%


Liberty Bank and Trust Company

New Orleans, LA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 56.13% DDI: 94.12%


Citizens Savings Bank & Trust

Nashville, TN – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 60.19% DDI: 100.00%


Millennia Community Bank

Acquired by TrustAtlantic Financial Corp.

Raleigh, NC


Community Bank of Florida

Acquired by CenterState Bank of Florida

Homestead, FL


Neighborhood National Bank

San Diego, CA – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 88.20% DDI: 66.67%


Community Bank of the Bay

Oakland, CA – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 53.73% DDI: 50.00%


New Resource Bank

National City, CA

DLI-HMDA: N/A DDI: 0.00%

Continental National Bank

Miami, FL – MDI

DLI-HMDA: 66.75% DDI: 85.71%


Opportunities Credit Union

Winooski, VT


First American International Bank

New York, NY – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 59.45% DDI: 88.89%


ProAmerica Bank

Acquired by Pan American Bank

Los Angeles, CA – CDFI, MDI

First Choice Bank

Cerritos , CA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 14.32% DDI: 88.89%


Security Federal Bank

Aiken, SC – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 41.96% DDI: 61.54%

Harbor Bank of Maryland

Baltimore , MD – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 52.38% DDI: 85.71%


Spring Bank

Bronx, NY – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 100.00% DDI: 100.00%


Industrial Bank

Washington, DC – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 68.62% DDI: 100.00%


Syracuse Cooperative Credit Union

Syracuse, NY

International Bank of Chicago

Chicago, IL – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 54.09% DDI: 57.14%


Unity National Bank of Houston

Houston, TX – MDI

DLI-HMDA: 53.32% DDI: 50.00%

Latino Community Credit Union

Durham, NC – CDFI

Urban Partnership Bank

Chicago, IL – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 91.75% DDI: 90.00%


NCIF Social Performance Metrics:
DDI: % of a bank’s branches located in low- and moderate-income communities.
DLI-HMDA: % a bank’s HMDA-reported lending occurring in low- and moderate-income areas.
Complete definitions.

All information is based on annual HMDA data (ffiec.gov), Census data, annual Summary of Deposits data (fdic.gov), and Statistics on Depository Institutions (fdic.gov) as well as private reporting from banks where appropriate. DLI-HMDA and DDI data is based on data released on 12/31/2018. Financial data is as of 12/31/2019.