Atmore Community Hospital – Urgent Care

Atmore Community Hospital – Urgent Care

The hospital will focus on delivery of outpatient services that serve the community’s demand as well as inpatient services needed by the community.
Atmore, AL

Project Impacts:

  • Increased access to quality healthcare for citizens of Atmore and the surrounding communities

  • Modern facility and equipment

  • Enhanced wellness programs and employee health programs

  • Easy and safe access to affordable healthcare

  • Relieve over-crowding at the existing ER

NCIF: $4.5MM in NMTC allocation
CDFI Partner: United Bank of Alabama: $2.5MM CDE
Large Bank: NMTC Investor

A new location that will house an Urgent Care clinic that is needed to increase volume and breadth of services, and bolster revenue for the Atmore Community Hospital. Revenues have been trending downward for the past few years. The Project site was selected based on several feasibility studies and the highway 21 location was deemed the most promising due to its proximity to I-65 and other accessibility considerations.  

The project provides essential primary and preventative care services in a Non-Metro, Medically Underserved Area where the nearest hospital is 30 to 60 miles away for many residents. In recent years, the surrounding community has been within the top ten in the United States for deaths related to heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. By providing primary and preventative care, the project expects to improve the quality of healthcare for ~10,000 patients annually with 51% of patients being on Medicare (including those over 65 and patients with disabilities).

Exam rooms, a procedure room, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy services, lab services and wellness screening programs are part of the facility. The allocation of $7MM of NMTCs will help to bridge the gap in funding for completing the construction of the Urgent Care facility and provide capital for initial costs. The Project is expected to open in the 4th quarter of 2022.