Garver Feed Mill

Garver Feed Mill is a 62,000 square foot shared manufacturing facility with office, retail, and event space for local artisan food producers and a farmer’s market. The project will renovate a dilapidated building located on a Brownfield site.
Madison, WI

Project Impacts:

  • 45 new FTEs and 58 retained entry level and mid-level FTEs (including 62 jobs available to LMI individuals with no prior experience)
  • 77 new FTE construction jobs created
  • Part of a greater economic development initiative ($2.35mm of government grants)
  • The Project will lease commercial space at below market rents to locally owned and minority and women owned business.

NCIF: $6M NMTC allocation; $750,000 loan
MOFI Partner: Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA)
Large Bank: US Bank
Other CDE: Brownfield Revitalization

NCIF provided $6 million of New Market Tax Credit allocation and $750,000 of debt to finance the construction of Garver Feed Mill. The project includes a year-round farmer’s market (that accepts SNAP payments), manufacturing space, and commercial kitchens for food entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Garver is located in a part of Madison, WI designated as a Food Access Improvement Area for its high average distance to a grocery store with high rates of poverty. The project is designed to promote and support local companies that contribute to the food economy, provides living wage jobs, and represents a key piece in the community’s priority of developing food-based entrepreneurs (many of which are women, immigrants, people of color and others that face barriers to getting financed).

Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA): WHEDA was created in 1972 and is committed to improving housing quality and economic vitality in Wisconsin.  WHEDA is a valued partner and a very impactful local anchor institution providing insight about the local economy and impact.