Knott County Transit Center

Knott County Transit Center

Knott County Transit Center renovation of the Knott County Jail into a transportation hub and office space in downtown Hindman.
Hindman, KY

Project Impacts:

  • Renovation of a 6,170 sq. ft. vacant downtown building and development of a 35,239 sq. ft. transportation hub totaling 41,409 sq. ft.

  • Creation of 30 Construction jobs that pay above the living wage

  • Creation of 250 Permanent Indirect Jobs that pay above the living wage

  • Serve an additional 5,000 local residents through transportation, job training, social, and health services

  • Act as a catalyst for economic development

NCIF: $6.5 MM in NMTC Allocation
CDFI Partner: Community Trust Bank
Large Bank: NMTC Investor

LKLP Community Action Council (LKLP), founded in 1980, provides services through 26 local, state, and federal programs specifically tailored to serve low-income communities in the Leslie, Knott, Letcher, and Perry counties of Southeastern Kentucky. LKLP provides affordable transportation, and counseling services for homeownership, parenting, financial management, nutrition, health, domestic violence, and employment. LKLP also provides job placement services and Head Start early education programs.

Knott County Transit Center will complete the renovation of the Knott County Jail into a transportation hub and office space in downtown Hindman where LKLP will provide many of its social and health services to low-income individuals. The Project will also include a walking track, bus station, and ADA-accessible walking deck. In addition to the services for residents, the transportation aspects of the Project will create an inflow of residents to help support local businesses and the local economies in Knott and throughout the surrounding counties.

“The investment in our agency’s project will provide job training, transportation, and health and wellness services to thousands of at-risk individuals and families in our rural low-income service area that includes Knott County. The ability to complete this project offers hope to our communities and provides concrete services at a critical economic time in eastern Kentucky.”

Ricky Baker
Executive Director, LKLP Community Action Council