Youth Family Services

Youth and Family Services

Youth and Family Services is an expansion/renovation of an existing complex for Youth and Family Services, a nonprofit social services provider that will add 67,525 square feet of indoor space and 32,794 square feet of playground/outdoor learning space.
Rapid City, SD

Project Impacts:
The Project expands quality, low-cost childcare and other supporting programs for low-income families and creates a number of quality jobs in the community. YFS currently serves over 12,000 children and families. The expansion is estimated to serve an additional 2,115 children and 900 parents, and provide remedial education and life coaching for 200 vulnerable middle school kids.
Historically, 85% of YFS’ service beneficiaries live in poverty, and 23% are of a racial minority (primarily Native Americans).
YFS currently employs 237 people and the Project will create the need for an additional 73 new FTEs all of which are considered quality jobs based on living wage and benefits.  Additionally, 79 new construction jobs will be created.

NCIF: $6 million NMTC allocation; $1 million loan
CDFI Partner: Native American Bank
Large Bank: Wells Fargo
Other CDE: Partners for the Common Good

Youth & Family Services (YFS) is a nonprofit organization that has been serving children and their families since 1965. YFS has grown to become one of the largest, most comprehensive youth development programs in western South Dakota, offering seven cohesive programs including education, meals and snacks, health advocacy and support, counseling services, fatherhood and parent enrichment education, and prevention programs.

Native American Bank (NAB): Native American Bank is a certified CDFI headquartered in Denver and operates nationally. NAB’s mission is to assist Native American and Alaskan Native individuals, enterprises and governments to reach their goals by providing affordable and flexible banking and financial services.