Reimagining Mission-Oriented Banking - Agenda

Reimagining Mission-Oriented Banking

NCIF 2021 Virtual Conference, April 19-22, 2021 | All times Central Time

This virtual event offers four days of content where key industry experts and leaders will share experiences, perspectives and actionable strategies that support sustainable, long-term change and growth in the mission-oriented banking sector and economic development in underserved and low-income communities.



9:45 am   

Goal & Context Setting - Reimagine Mission-Oriented Banking - CDFI Fund Directors Perspective


Hear from CDFI Fund Directors assessing programs and initiatives to support growth of the sector. Explore innovative tools, programs implemented to fuel growth of industry and community development, and forward-looking perspectives of needed programs/initiatives to support continued growth and evolution of the CDFI industry into a connected and targeted community development eco-system.


Jodie Harris, Director, CDFI Fund, CDFI Fund

Annie Donovan, Chief Operating Officer, Local Initiatives Support Corporation

Donna Gambrell, President and CEO, Appalachian Community Capital

Saurabh Narain, President and CEO, National Community Investment Fund


11:00 am 


Break and Networking


11:15 am   

Reimagine Mission-Oriented Banking - CDFI Bank CEO Perspective


Discover strategies to scale, attract investors from the market, enter into partnerships with technology providers, increase deployment capability, and think about racial equity and impact as a source of differentiation. Learn what keeps CDFI/MDI Bank CEOs awake at night.


Brian Argrett, President and CEO, City First Enterprises/Broadway

Darrin Williams, CEO, Southern Bancorp, Inc.

David Reiling, CEO, Sunrise Banks

Joe Dougherty, Partner, Dalberg Advisors

Michael Pugh, President, CEO, and Director, Carver Bancorp, Inc.

Saurabh Narain, President and CEO, National Community Investment Fund


12:30 pm   

Fireside Chat with FDIC Chair


Join a top-level discussion of the major highlights in the COVID-19 response and key FDIC initiatives in supporting the growth of the mission-focused banking industry, including capital allocation, technological innovation, and creation of partnerships and networks that drive collaboration in community development.


Jelena McWilliams, Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Saurabh Narain, President and CEO, National Community Investment Fund


1:30 am 


Break and Networking


2:30 pm   

Case Studies - How to Win Business, Create Impact and Increase Revenue using NMTC


Examine NMTCs and the value they bring to customers and CDFI Banks. The panel will present four case studies of projects closed using NMTCs highlighting their community impact and benefits to the customers and banks.


Brett Magers, President, Legacy Bank & Trust

Michael Burke, Chief Financial Officer, Mile High United Way

Ruben L. Anthony, Jr., President and CEO, Urban League of Greater Madison
William Wright, West Region CEO, Southern Bancorp Bank



Terry Burm, Senior Vice President of Lending and Chad Johnson, Vice President, Lending, National Community Investment Fund


2:30 pm   

Opportunity Zones - A Guide to Impact and Innovation


Join leaders from across the emerging Opportunity Zone space to discuss various fund strategies and case studies of businesses and projects funded with Opportunity Zone equity including women- and minority-owned businesses creating quality jobs and projects with complex capital stacks that preserve affordable housing or contribute to economic development and revitalization in low- and moderate- income communities. Speakers will cover best practices in impact investing driven by community voices and how to operationalize impact goals through appointing independent impact advisory boards, adopting available reporting frameworks, and other practices.


Monika Mantilla, President and CEO, Altura Capital

Noelle St. Clair, Vice President, Impact Investing and Strategic Initiatives, Woodforest National Bank

Ross Baird, Founder and CEO, Blueprint Local
Sam Spencer, CEO and Managing Director, CEI-Boulos Capital Management


3:30 pm  

Break and Networking




10:00 am   

Perspectives of an Impact Investor in seeking Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Impact


Join a top-level discussion and hear perspectives on investor expectations on environmental, social and governance related returns. Hear insights and vision on tackling social and environmental issues and how mission-oriented banks can achieve scale to attract capital.


James Lee Sorenson Chairman, Sorenson Impact Foundation

Saurabh Narain, President and CEO, National Community Investment Fund


11:00 am 


Break and Networking


11:15 am   

Expectations from Investors in Mission-Oriented Banks


Learn about return of and return on capital and social and environmental impact.


Akobe Sandy, Senior Associate, Impact Investments, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Daniel Letendre, Managing Director - ESG Capital Deployment, Bank of America

Fran Seegull, President, U.S. Impact Investing Alliance

Jeremy Swinson, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Wells Fargo Securities

Sampriti Ganguli, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Arabella Advisors

Saurabh Narain, President and CEO, National Community Investment Fund


12:30 pm   

Capital Raising for Mission-Oriented Banks - CEO Insights and Perspectives


In this session, our panelists will provide perspectives on the capital raising process for CDFI/MDI banks and how mission-oriented institutions can position themselves as key investment targets for impact investors.


Christopher Malehorn, Vice President, Investing, National Community Investment Fund

Ken LaRoe, Founder and CEO, Climate First Bank (I/O)

Robert R. Jones, III, President and CEO, United Bank

William Keller, President and CEO, Community Bank of the Bay


1:30 pm 


Break and Networking


2:30 pm   

In-depth Insights - How to Win Business, Create Impact and Increase Revenue using NMTC


Explore NMTC structuring for CDFI/MDI Banks. Participate in a detailed discussion of the roles a CDFI/MDI bank can play in NMTC projects to benefit themselves and customers, create a NMTC track record, and chart a path to increase lending and become a participant/leader in the NMTC program.


William Turner, Senior Vice President, New Market Tax Credits, Wells Fargo

Alex Jones, Senior Managing Director and President, UB Community Development

Robert K. Jenkins Jr., Founder and Senior Managing Director, Renaissance Equity Partners



Terry Burm, Senior Vice President of Lending and Chad Johnson, Vice President, Lending, National Community Investment Fund


2:30 pm   

Preparing to apply for Emergency Capital Investment Program


Learn more about the new Emergency Capital Investment Program and how CDFI/MDI banks can prepare to apply for it.


Christopher W. Wewers, CEO, Southern Bancorp

George P. Surgeon, President and CEO, GSJ Advisors, Ltd.

Demetris Giannoulias, CEO, Spring Bank
Steven C. Davidson, Investment Director - Financial Institution Portfolio, U.S. Department of Treasury


3:30 pm  





9:45 am   

Fireside Chat with John W. Rogers, Jr.


Join a top level discussion and hear perspectives on racial equity, underserved minority communities and mission-oriented banking as we explore developments and strategies to align capital with impact.


John W. Rogers, Jr. Chairman, Co-CEO and Chief Investment Officer Ariel Investments

Saurabh Narain, President and CEO, National Community Investment Fund


10:45 am 


Break and Networking


11:00 am   

Focus on Impact and Policy


Hear about the key updates/developments for policy that provided support to the mission-oriented banking industry on a federal and state level. Investigate future policy alternatives that seek to "open" CDFI banking to cultivate partnerships and a community development ecosystem.


Alden McDonald, Jr., President and CEO, Liberty Bank and Trust Company

Gordon Fellows, President and CEO, Mississippi Bankers Association

Jeannine Jacokes, CEO, Community Development Bankers Association (CDBA) and Partners for the Common Good (PCG)

Mark Willis, Senior Policy Fellow, New York University


12:30 pm   

Mission-Oriented Banks as Community Anchors


Dive into the roles CDFI and minority banks play in different market areas/populations in forming networks and ecosystems to promote long-term sustainability. Hear about how CDFI and minority banks fill a unique market need through their products and services.


Dennis Ammann, President and CEO, Peoples Bank

Kent Curtis, CEO, First Southwest Bank

Joseph Haskins, Co-Founder and CEO, The Harbor Bank of Maryland

Steven Van Drunen, President and CEO, Providence Bank & Trust



Terry Burm, Senior Vice President of Lending, National Community Investment Fund


1:30 pm 


Break and Networking


2:30 pm   

Native American Lending in Focus


Lending and Investing in Indian Country: A case study of partnerships and innovation presented by Native American Bank.


David Black, Community Development Expert, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Joel Smith, Chief Credit Officer, Native American Bank

Julia Nelmark, President, Minnesota Community Development Corporation
Steven C. Davidson, Investment Director - Financial Institution Portfolio, U.S. Department of Treasury


Chad Johnson, Vice President, Lending, National Community Investment Fund


3:30 pm  





11:15 am   

The Smartphone, the Branch and the Customer – Customer Acquisition Strategies for Next Era of Banking


Discuss how the smartphone is changing the transactional landscape and challenging the need of branch networks. Hear about technology solutions for funding (deposits), asset origination (Non-QM, CRE Lending), and explore strategies to leverage mission focus and technology solutions to become market leaders in low-income communities.


Dominik Mjartan President and CEO, Optus Bank

Steven Reider Founder, Bancography

Steven Schnall Founder, CEO/President Chairman Quontic Bank

Sultan Meghji Chief Innovation Officer, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Tyson Smith Chief Technology Officer Beneficial State Bank



Seun Shonukan, Director of Portfolio Compliance Management and Saurabh Narain, President and CEO, National Community Investment Fund


12:30 pm   

Innovation Showcase


See what financial technology solutions are in the market to increase scale, propel efficiencies and drive customer satisfaction in the banking industry. The sessions include technology product solutions for lending platforms, attracting deposits, regulatory technology, bitcoin and fully integrated online platforms for loan origination, digital and mobile products. These companies include:

12:30 pm   

Biz2Credit: Rohit Arora, CEO

12:45 pm   

BankLabs: Mike Montgomery, CEO

1:00 pm   

LoanStreet: Ian Lampl, CEO

1:15 pm   

NYDIG: Patrick Sells, Head of Financial Institutions

1:30 pm   

Lokyata: Stephen Bireley, Chief Technology Officer

1:45 pm   

SoLo Funds: Khary Cuffe, Vice President

2:00 pm   

Happy Mango Inc.: Kate Hao, CEO


2:30 pm