Carver Federal Savings Bank

The largest African- and Caribbean American-operated bank in the US reinvests over 80% of its deposits back into the community

About Carver Federal Savings Bank

Carver Federal Savings Bank is an urban community development bank dedicated to providing a full range of financial services to its customers. Carver is committed to meeting the credit needs of the communities it serves, increasing profitability, and enhancing stockholder value.

Founded on November 5, 1948, and named for agricultural researcher and scientist George Washington Carver, Carver began providing local residents a place to save and obtain mortgages to buy homes in their own communities. Today, Carver is the largest African- and Caribbean-American operated bank in the US and channels its capital resources into underserved neighborhoods by reinvesting over 80% of its deposits into the communities it calls home. The Bank remains rooted in expanding wealth enhancing opportunities in the communities it serves, by expanding access to capital and financial advice to consumers, businesses, and non-profit organizations, including faith-based institutions. 

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