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First American International Bank

A growing Chinese American community receives services tailored to its needs.

About First American International Bank

First American International Bank (FAIB) is a New York State-chartered commercial bank headquartered in Brooklyn, New York City. It was founded in 1999 at Sunset Park, a fast-growing, predominantly Chinese community with a large population of recent Chinese American immigrants. The Bank has grown to nine branches with loan centers serving local communities with a large Asian/Chinese American population throughout New York City. Since 2006 the Bank has offered a complete line of insurance and investment products.   

FAIB is a community bank dedicated to promoting local economic growth and serving a broad range of personal and business banking needs of its diverse community. A primary mission of the Bank is economic development of the local communities that its branch network serves, in order to stimulate economic growth and to promote investment and job creation, while serving the financial needs of all its residents and businesses. To date, FAIB has helped over 4,600 families obtain home ownership, provide financial counseling, or fulfill other transformative personal goals.

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FAIB is a member of the NCIF Network:

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