Equity, Debt and Deposits

As NCIF has grown and evolved, we plan to invest and lend to selective banks and non-bank companies that can increase capital in underserved areas naturally. The following is a cumulative list of NCIF Investees since inception. Through the work of these institutions, NCIF helps transform low-income communities.

Equity, Debt, Deposits and Investments:

Broadway Federal Bank

Los Angeles, CA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 47.30% DDI: 66.67%



Metro Bank

Louisville, KY – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: NA DDI: 100.00%

Carver Federal Savings Bank

New York, NY – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 60.21% DDI: 80.00%



Mission Community Bank

Acquired by Heritage Oaks Bank

Paso Robles, CA

Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co

Nashville, TN – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 100.00% DDI: 100.00%



New York National Bank

Acquired by Hudson Valley Bank

Bronx, NY

Citizens Trust Bank

Atlanta, GA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 92.93% DDI: 80.00%



Noah Bank

Elkins Park, PA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 100.00% DDI: 20.00%

City First Bank of DC

Washington, DC – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 100% DDI: 100.00%



Nuestro Banco

Acquired by Four Oaks Fincorp

Raleigh, NC


City National Bank of New Jersey

Newark, NJ – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: NA DDI: 80.00%



OneUnited Bank

Boston, MA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 71.37% DDI: 75.00%


Community Bank of the Bay

Oaklnad, CA – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 29.67% DDI: 50.00%




Austin, TX 


Continental National Bank

Miami, FL – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 48.27% DDI: 83.33%


South Carolina Community Bank

Columbia, SC – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 79.18% DDI: 100.00%


Douglass Bancorp

Acquired by Liberty Financial Services

Kansas City, KS


Southern Bancorp

Arkadelphia, AR – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 70.09% DDI: 88.10%


Dryades Savings Bank

Acquired by First NBC Holding Company

New Orleans, LA



Sunrise Banks

Saint Paul, MN – CDFI    

DLI-HMDA: 58.20% DDI: 85.71%


First American International Bank

New York, NY – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 55.65% DDI: 88.89%


United Bank

Atmore, AL – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 53.50% DDI: 44.44%


Harbor Bank of Maryland

Baltimore, MD – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 35.48% DDI: 85.71%


United Bank of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: NA DDI: 100.00%


Hawaiian Community Assets

Maui, MI 



Unity National Bank of Houston

Houston, TX – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 80.25% DDI: 100.00%


Industrial Bank

Washington, DC – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 71.56% DDI: 87.50%



University Financial Corp.

St. Paul, MN 

Liberty Bank & Trust Company

New Orleans, LA – CDFI, MDI

DLI-HMDA: 59.68% DDI: 90.48%



Urban Financial Group

Bridgeport, CT 

Secondary Capital to Credit Unions:

Alternatives Federal Credit Union

Ithaca, NY – CDFI



National Federation of Community
Development Credit Unions

New York, NY – CDFI


Appalachian Federal Credit Union

Acquired by Appalachian Community FCU

Berea, KY – CDFI



Opportunities Credit Union

Burlington, VT – CDFI


Dakotaland Federal Credit Union

Huron, SD – CDFI



Saguache County Credit Union

Moffat, CO – CDFI


Latino Community Credit Union

Statewide, NC – CDFI, MDI



Southern Oregon Federal Credit Union

Acquired by First Community Credit Union

Grants Pass, OR – CDFI


Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union

New York, NY – CDFI, MDI




Seed Fund Loan Portfolio:

Blackfeet National Bank

Acquired by Native American Bancorp

Browning, MT– CDFI, MDI (Native American)



Native American Bancorp

Denver, CO – CDFI, MDI (Native American)

DLI-HMDA: NA DDI: 100.00%


Central Bank of Kansas City

Kansas City, MO - CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 24.98% DDI: 100.00%


Oasis Bancshares

Acquired by ST Financial Group

Houston, TX – De novo bank


CheckSpring Community Corporation

Bronx, NY – De novo bank



Valley Economic Development Center

Pacoima Development Federal Credit Union

Pacoima, CA


City First Bank of DC

Washington, DC – CDFI

DLI-HMDA: 100% DDI: 100.00%




NCIF Social Performance Metrics:
DDI: % of a bank’s branches located in low- and moderate-income communities.
DLI-HMDA: % a bank’s HMDA-reported lending occurring in low- and moderate-income areas.
Complete definitions.

All information is based on annual HMDA data (ffiec.gov), Census data, and annual Summary of Deposits data (fdic.gov), and Statistics on Depository Institutions (fdic.gov) as well as private reporting from banks where appropriate. DLI-HMDA and DDI are as of 2014. Financial data is as of 12/31/2015. All information is gathered from or calculated using publicly available data. NCIF is not responsible for any inaccuracy.