Food Bazaar Supermarket

Food Bazaar develops Bronx location, bringing new and healthy options to underserved neighborhood
Bronx, NY

Project Impacts:

  • 200 jobs created and retained
  • 50% of jobs created set aside for low-income individuals
  • 50% of jobs created set aside for women
  • Healthy foods provided as part of FRESH program
  • Internships and college scholarship programs for community members

NCIF: $6 million NMTC allocation
CDFI partner: Carver Federal Savings Bank
Large bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank

NCIF provided $6 million in New Markets Tax Credit allocation to fund the construction and development of a Bronx location for Food Bazaar supermarket. Bogopa Service Corp. began developing Food Bazaar locations 26 years ago, with a focus on highly distressed communities to alleviate barriers to fresh food and grocery access they may have otherwise had. In addition to operating grocery stores in the greater New York City area, Bogopa participates in local donation programs, donating over 200,000 pounds of food in 2014 alone. 

Carver Federal Savings Banka long-time NCIF partner, will help finance and support this project.