New Markets Tax Credit Advisory Board

The NMTC Advisory Board provides guidance to NCIF in the implementation of our New Markets Tax Credit activity, with particular focus on the impact of our proposed transactions, the datapoints and information that we need in order to demonstrate impact, and the role of the mission-oriented bank in the 3-Way Partnership.

Members of the Advisory Board:
Alden J. McDonald, Jr. – President & CEO, Liberty Bank and Trust, LA
Bill Dana – President & CEO, Central Bank of Kansas City, KS
Guillermo Diaz-Rousselot – President & CEO, Continental National Bank, FL
Kerwin Tesdell – President & CEO, Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, NY
William Keller – President & CEO, Community Bank of the Bay, CA
Mark Ricca  – President & CEO, First American International Bank, NY
Mark Gooch – President & CEO, Community Trust Bank, KY